5 Time-Saving Eyeliner Tricks That Will Help You Look Amazing

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Eye liner was originally worn by the Ancient Egyptians as early as 10,000 B.C.

Fast forward to 2019, and a myriad of A-list celebrities come to mind when we think of eye liner.

Names like Adele, Kim Kardashian and her three eyeliners, Kate Moss and her iconic wings are all household names that come to mind when we think of flawless eyeliner that accents the eyes.

Now every fashionista is striving to pull off an amazing celebrity or top model look.  And while eyeliner is an integral part of our makeup routine, it’s not exactly easy to handle.

So, we took it upon ourselves to scour the internet for the best hacks to make using it super simple.

Here are the 5 best eyeliner tricks every cosmetic enthusiast should have at her disposal.

Trick #1 - Use Taupe-Colored Eyeliner to Open Up Your Eyes

Yes you read that right.  Use taupe. It makes the eyes look bigger without closing them up the way a dark brown or black will.  Make sure that you smudge it all around the top and bottom of your lash line.

Trick #2 - Trace Your Cat Eye With a Pencil First

When you need to pull off an over-the-top cat eye, precision is everything.  Using a liquid liner to draw the shape that you want first. Then use a soft brown liner. You’ll find that the brown liner is much easier to clean up than liquid liner, and you can perfect the shape with minimal risk.

Trick #3 - Use a Post-It to Keep Wings Even

Let’s face the facts.  When it comes to drawing out even wings on each eye the struggle is real.  If you want to step back from the mirror and see a job well done then this trick is sure to come in handy.  Use a Post-it. Simply place it from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow to direct the flick on each side.”

Tip #4 - Create a Smoky Effect By Using Smudge Gel Liner With a Concealer

Have shaky, unsteady hands.  Then this next trick is a real game changer.  Just coat a smallish concealer brush by running it back and forth against the tip of the eyeliner until the brush is well coated.  Then use the brush to smudge the liner on. This will be way easier to do if you don’t need precise lines, because the brush gives you more control.  Plus, the smudgeness is more forgiving for someone who has shaky hands. You’ll end up with a nice, thick line that has an opening effect.

Tip # 5 - Match Your Liner and Your Shadow for an Ultra-Modern Combo

Doubling up on your shadow and liner make it budge-proof and give you a new age look.  You still get the definition of a traditional eye liner, but your look will be more unique than just using predictable black.

Now you have some awesome tips to save time when it comes to using eyeliner.

Make sure that you bookmark this article, so you can have it for future reference before your next big event.

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